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Gary Quadros served as Vice-President, Events Division, with “Groupe Phaneuf” from 1989 to 2010. Over these two decades he has produced, co-produced and programmed large-scale projects such as Canada Day Celebrations (in Ottawa on Parliament Hill, Montréal and in 26 municipalities throughout the province of Quebec), shows for La Ronde (AMARC, Six Flags), the Mont-Tremblant Resort Association and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 11), as well as produced over 15 Canadian Forces International Show Tours, and the coast to coast du Maurier “Concert Stage” Series.

Guy Primeau has contributed to the success of many companies over the last 20-plus years: Le Théâtre Sans Fil, La Ronde, Montreal’s Parc des Îles and Place des Arts, Tremblant and the Tremblant Resort Association, to name but a few. As programming director, production manager and associate general manager, he has successfully met every programming , marketing, financing and general management challenge.

COLLABORATORS: we collaborate with a great variety of well-seasoned industry specialists. Those collaborators bring all their expertise to face all challenges that come with large-scale projects as well as simple ones.

Production: technical directors, artistic directors, set designers and lighting designersr.

Video: artistic and photo directors, computer graphics, editors, camera operators and image integrators.

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